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Eeeek they've put little advert thingys at the top of all my pages, I really should sort out some 'real' hosting.

Anamorphic Video Player
I've written a little video playing app in VB that scales videos anamorphicaly (so they look nice when played on a widescreen TV). It's very basic and I haven't tested it on my TV yet.

Hello, I've updated my homepage with this new design. Almost all the old stuff is here and I should be creating some new pages and some new content soon.
I might make the flash cloud thing do something exciting.

Films I hardly remember - did anyone else see the film about a solar powered astronaut?

I'm trying to tidy up all the junk and collect things together with their own pages.

I've added 'another' counter to the page. This one draws graphs and gives loads of stats. I stole it from this crazy man here:

my link icons page is usually my default homepage.

Whoop, I am now in the Internet Movie Database here.

Send abuse here: my email address - try not to be too nasty.

Also send me an email if you are interested in getting hold of the source files for any of the director bits.

Thanks Phil.

NB: if you get strange messages from the shockwave stuff saying its broken, try reloading the page

Snail Engine
I was bored so I made a picture to post to B3TA. It's a bit scrappy because I was being lazy and didn't want to waste too much time. I was happy when it was put on the front page, I think the polar bear and the kitten swung it, they like that sort of thing.

Furtive the Polar Bear
Speaking of B3TA and bears. I started work on a 3d version of the popular b3ta character, Furtive. This is as far as I got. Oh I also made a wireframe pic so you can see 'behind the magic' see here.

Don't drink coffee!
Crazy flash thing, featuring some quality flipping out animation. [needs flash 5]

PC and TIVO upgrade
A tale of two hardrives. A nice little account of me installing a PC harddrive and upgrading my TIVO. mmmm TIVO

Flash MX 3D
I made a new lovely menu thing. I've grouped together all the files that were created for testing the movie. Some of them may be very similar, some of then will look a bit broken. About half of the thingys can be interacted with by clicking and dragging the mouse to spin them. You'll have to experiment to find which ones :-)

Flash MX
Hmm new version of flash lets do some things

The 3D cubes series
If you like spinning cubes then you are in luck. This is an interactive funfest created in Macromedia Director and exported to Shockwave. I made a nice webpage and everything, check it out.

Director 8.5 archive
The new home for my first experiments with Director 8.5. This updated version of our favourite multimedia authoring package has added a great 3D engine, which is just the sort of thing I like to play with.

Gloopy Painting Fun
A page for my liquid painting director programs. Kind of like 'Kai's Power Goo', remember that from way back? Kind of fun but utterly pointless.

3d Penguin game
I had a go at creating an interactive environmnet using Shockwave 3d. All kinds of fun with collision detection and creating behaviours for little penguins. It's not quite finished, but it's still fun watching the little fellows running around after fish. [Requires Shockwave]

A picture of a monkey that I made.
Some of you come to this site being promised monkeys. Well here they (he) is.

3d coded lingo thingy [Requires Shockwave]
Hold on to your hats. Its a thing made with shockwave and there's a wireframe that spins in 3D. This may become an ongoing theme.

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